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Personal Tax Organiser

2020 / 2021

This personal organiser is designed as a help to keep all your Tax Documents together and as a checklist of the information and documents to provide to us at the end of the personal tax year. The year runs from 6th April 2020 to 05th April 2021.

It would be helpful:

  1. To open a folder, place it at the front of the folder and file all your Tax Documents behind it in an organised manner, as in date order, invoice number etc…
  2. If unsure how to complete this form, and if any information is relevant, then put it in an explanation.
  3. If more space is needed, then use a separate piece of paper.



Full Name:_________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________


Telephone No.:________________________________________________________________

National Insurance No:______________________________________________________

Tax Reference No: __________________________________________________________

Date of birth: __________________________________________________________

Male or Female: __________________________________________________________

Date of Marriage : ___________________________________________

Spouse / Civil partner Date of Birth: ___________________________________________

Are you resident in the UK: YES / NO


1. Copies of any statements of account received from HMRC

2. Bank and other interest received certificates from each source in the year clearly marked as ( Gross, Tax and Net ) and clearly stating if the accounts are in joint names, and The number of interest earning accounts held in total _______

3. Dividend vouchers for all dividend received in the year from each source ________

4. Weekly amount of state pension received in the year £_________
If started in the year, date of start____________

5. Details of any other benefits received, incapacity, jobseekers etc….
Benefit__________________ Amount received in the year______________


6. Pension income –

A P60 for each pension received during the year and the list and names of payers

7. Employment

P60 or P45 and Tax coding notice with details of all employers names and your occupation, including date the employment started or ceased in that Tax Year
If Director, is the Company is close Company: YES / NO
P11Ds where applicable showing the benefits in kind_____________
Any lump sum received__________________
Any Tax deductible expenses incurred personally in connection with the employment

8. Self – Employment / Partnership

Advise if you had income from self-employment or partnership and the nature of the trade. If you prepare your own accounts, please provide copies of accounts and Tax computations.
If not, please forward to us the self- employment / partnership accounting records.

9. Land & Property

Details of all rents received and expenses incurred in respect of the let properties and state whether any of the properties are holiday lets, furnished or unfurnished lettings. Provide certificate of mortgage interest paid

10. Capital Gains

Details of any capital Gains made in the year such as the sale of shares, property ( apart from your main residence ), with dates and amounts of the sale proceeds, cost and expenses of purchase and sale and contracts and completion statements

11. Pension contributions

Pension contributions made to a personal pension scheme, retirement annuity or free standing AVC scheme ( type ). Details of whether those paid were Gross or Net of Tax
Pension certificates for new pensions taken in the year, as
Pension Co. Policy No. Amount Paid Type Net or Gross

12. Any other reliefs

Any other reliefs to which you are entitled, eg: Blind Persons Allowance

13. Other outgoings

Any other relevant outgoings, such as Interest on Qualifying Loans, Venture Capital Trust subscriptions, Enterprise investment scheme subscriptions, Gift Aid payment

14. Any other information

Please provide any other information which you think might be relevant to the completion of your Tax Return such as: Foreign income or capital Gains, trust income, Gains on life insurance policies