The role of a corporation tax advisor is to render advice, which can help individuals and corporations to prepare their tax filings and returns. They’re commonly known as tax preparers. They must come up with steps that can assist corporations in saving more time and resources. Moreover, they’re specialists in all the areas associated with the tax. Tax advisors or tax consultants are financial specialists who have sufficient knowledge about the tax laws prevalent in one’s native country. Often, individuals and companies pay taxes to government officials due to the lack of ample tax or accounting knowledge. So, corporations often require a corporation tax advisor to minimize their tax rates by deploying effective tax minimization strategies.

Tax advisors are required to fulfill specific responsibilities. Firstly, they must minimize the client’s tax rates significantly while keeping track of the recent trends offered by different organizations and banks, different companies. Next, they should come up with necessary recommendations as per the client’s financial stability or position.

Eventually, they should ensure that their clients are well-informed about the legalities. Secondly, a tax consultant should keep certain duties in mind. They should act following the law and fairly while displaying a greater degree of responsibility and comply with the Internal Revenue Service. They must have ample knowledge related to the prevailing tax laws. Apart from that, while advising their clients, they must verify the recommendations can properly comply with the accuracy of penalties and related client’s documents. They must develop best-practice ideas related to the preparation and submission of specific documents with the Internal Revenue Service. The tax consultants’ major duty is to verify the logic behind the assumptions included in tax calculations and determine relevant facts. Also, they should come up with a conclusion that’s legally supported.

tax investigations

What is a tax investigation? How can tax investigation services protect me?

A tax investigation is a process whereby a tax authority carries out an in-depth verification for recovering the tax undercharged during the previous years of tax assessment. It’s carried out whenever a tax official suspects a tax evasion. Or, it’s carried out by just random sampling. There are several kinds of tax investigations. The major services included in the tax investigation are as follows:

  • Tax evasion and tax fraud
  • HMRC Investigation
  • Serious tax fraud investigation or  Code of Practice 9 –CDF
  • Voluntary tax disclosure
  • Tax avoidance investigation or Code of practice 8
  • HMRC compliance check
  • Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility or LDF
  • Company Tax Investigation
  • personal tax  investigation
  • criminal tax investigation
  • offshore investigation
  • domicile and residence inquiry
  • VAT investigation
  • Status enquire
  • tax tribunal
  • PAYE investigation

You can contact a chartered accountant firm to take advantage of tax reduction services, taxation, auditing services, and many more.

Who are the best tax advisors in London?

  • tax advisory partnership
  • charter tax consulting
  • MMP tax
  • Churchill tax advisers
  • prime tax trust advisory

Remember to get your tax statements have been done appropriately by hiring a good corporate tax advisor for your firm. It protects you from paying high tax rates to government officials.